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Get to know the history of our house following the timeline:

Founded in 1885 by Mr. Francisco Martí and Mrs. Valentina Alcoy, great-grandparents of the current owners, the establishment started as a road service.

Mrs Valentina Pons Martí started running the company, she’s the granddaughter of the founders and the mother of the current owners. She was the fundamental pillar and built what Casa Quiquet represents today. During this stage, guests began to arrive mainly from Valencian families, among which the Puig and Monleón family, linked to the sports world of the time.

Late 60’s - Early 70’s
The house is extended with an additional dining room. At the beginning of the 70’s, with the support of her children, Luis and Tina Tadeo Pons, Doña Valentina built a three-star hostel to meet the requests of her clients.

The 80's
The hostel is established and the fourth generation of the family business is filled with the incorporation of Paco Tadeo Pons. At the same time, the growing demand by new companies in the area (Phono Manufactures, Picó Furniture, Pedro Pérez Brothers, etc.) leads us to the opening of the Centennial Dining Hall on June 6, 1986.
On March 14, 1986, we celebrated the 100th birthday of Mrs Valentina Martí Alcoy and we received a great award from the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia for our flawless pathway.
Moreover, we expanded our offer with the opening of the Millennium Hall, with capacity for 400 guests.

On February 14, 1998, a dinner was organized for 400 couples dressed as bride and groom, former clients and wedding banquet contractors. This event had a great media stir.

With the arrival of the new millennium, the fifth family generation was incorporated in the management of the company, represented by Inma, Vicente Luis and Ana María. In 2004 the hostel obtained a certification for its quality and trajectory, in addition to the Tourism Award of the Valencian Community 2004.
In the spring of 2006 we expanded further, opening new terraces and gardens which offer the ideal environment for all kinds of events.